Friday, 1 April 2011

Last Weekend's Haul

The last weekend of March saw the Spring Memorabilia Show appear at the NEC in Birmingham. As usual, I was in attendence but, being the Spring show, I wasn't expecting much. Indeed, at first glance, it seemed a little sparse and widely spaced.

Thankfully, it turned out to be a real treasure-trove - and not just for TransFormers. Of course, nothing else is relevant to this 'ere blog, so feast your eyes on these upcoming treasures:


We have: Hunt for the Deceptions Highbrow (Voyager, up the back), then in the back row of Deluxes (L-R) War for Cybertron Soundwave, Generations Skullgrin, Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar and, in the front row (L-R) Scourge, Dirge and Sergeant Kup, all from the Generations lineup.

Three of these were no-brainers: Kup looks awesome, Scourge just has to go with Cyclonus (still not planning on getting Galvatron, though), and Wreck-Gar is one of the best motorcycle TransFormers ever (so far). The others..? well, I had to get WfC Soundwave, even though his alternate mode is rather pedestrian, because Megatron needs his Communications/Intelligence Officer. Dirge was a tricky choice as it's yet another Classics Seeker, and I have the BotCon version (although it's nothing more than a repaint of Ramjet), but seeing it in person, I felt it was just about cool enough. Skullgrin I wasn't intending to get... but there are so few Decepticons turning up, and the mold is pretty darned good.

I passed on Animated Rodimus (£25?!), Generations Wheeljack and Windcharger, the Targetroids, some more Encore cassettes, and probably several others I've now forgotten... Some of which I'll get mail order, others in the shops. I could have bought more - only spent 2/3 of the money I took - but there's a London Expo coming in May...

Write-ups will be forthcoming - photos are already done - but I have discovered that my photos of the first Live Action movie toys are woefully inadequate. When I reviewed RotF Leader Class Prime, I noted that it was unfortunate I was doing that version before the first movie's Leader Prime... turns out I never did the photos for him (or Megatron, or several others!) anyway. Go, me.

I have a massive backlog of prepared posts (that is, photos are there, writing is not done), so I need to figure out what to do and when.

Soon, though... Hopefully.

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