The Want List (15/4/17)

Here's where I shall keep a track of TransFormers toys and Third Party bits and bobs that I'm interested in laying my hands on... Just a simple list, but hopefully it'll document a few cool purchases... I'm even starting an Amazon wish list featuring some of these items. While I know this sort of thing happens for some bloggers, in all good conscience, I neither expect nor suggest anyone buy these for me (other than, perhaps, close friends and family, for birthday or Christmas presents). It's just another means of tracking the figures and their availability.

Official TransFormers:
Generations/Titans Return Scourge Bought (after much umming and ahhing, I decided that, since I have a new (Grand) Galvatron and thereby a new Cyclonus, I might as well get a new Scourge as well, after all)
Generations/Titans Return Triggerhappy Bought (as there has been much positive feedback about this one)
TransFormers Legends Super Ginrai Bought (Looking awesome... may even get Godbomber as well...)
Generations/Titans Return Wolfwire Bought (because I find Weirdwolf amusing for some reason)
Generations/Combiner Wars Deluxe Groove Bought (I do have the 'breastplate' version but the limb version - while hopelessly out of scale - looks pretty good)
Generations/Titans Return Octane (as implied by their Triple-Changer Optimus Prime, thus completing the set of Classics-continuation Decepticon Triple-Changers in my collection)
Generations/Titans Return Sixshot (possibly - it's another remake of another G1 figure that never made it to the UK... it just doesn't look like that much of an upgrade on the original...)
Generations/Titans Return Overlord (as implied by the 'premold' Skyshadow)
Generations/Titans Return Broadside (OK, jet mode looks awful, but aircraft carrier mode looks amusing and the mini Aerialbot jet modes are cute)
Generations/Titans Return Krok (because I kinda like the Skullsmasher/Skullcruncher mold, but really don't like the colourscheme...)

TransFormers Adventure Strongarm & Sawtooth Bought (looks like a better take on Strongarm than the first version, and comes with the weird spherical Mini-Con and armour set)
Robots In Disguise (2015)/Combiner Force Soundwave Bought (another daft 'armoured car' Soundwave, combining TF Prime Soundwave and War for Cybertron Soundwave in the new Robots In Disguise offshoot which, surprise surprise, involves combiners... of a sort...)
Robots In Disguise (2015) deluxe Bisk and/or Thermidor (because they look bizarrely awesome...)
TransFormers Adventure Drift Origin & Jazz Battle Mode (better colourschemes than the original, and a visor-ed Jazz)
Masterpiece Ratbat (maybe... Not 100% convinced by Badbat now I have it...)

Age of Extinction Deluxe Stinger (assuming it ever happens and is a remold rather than a repaint of Bumblebee Goddamnit, Hasbro)
The Last Knight Leader Megatron (actually looks fantastic... albeit not really like a proper TransFormer)
The Last Knight Deluxe Barricade (very different from the original, resembling a police officer in riot gear, almost... I really like the knuckledusters!)
The Last Knight Deluxe Berserker (a far better rendition of Hatchet from Dark of the Moon than we got at the time)

Cybertron Longrack
Energon Dreadwing
Armada Optimus Prime (Super Base truck only, to replace my broken one - trailer still works nicely!)

Beast Wars Metals/Transmetals 2 Tigerhawk
Beast Wars Metals/Transmetals 2 Megatron
Beast Wars Metals/Transmetals 2 Blackarachnia 
Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy (maybe)

'Holy Grail' Figures:
TFCC BotCon 2006 Megatron (appeared on eBay during late 2016 for the frankly insane price of $1,300, eventually sold for a just as loony $1,000. Also seen for €1,100 Euros, which is just as nuts)
Galaxy Force Chromia White Version/Minerva Type DVD set
Encore/G1 Sky Lynx (because CW Sky Lynx just isn't quite right, and I like motorized features!)

Misc Exclusives:
TFCC BotCon 2014 Knight Flareup (maybe - slightly annoyed now that the Club has released a boxed set including Flareup and Flamewar... but the set is a bit expensive for what's included...)
TFCC BotCon 2009 Scourge
TFCC SS5.0 Lifeline Bought (it's a Femme-Bot, innit?)

Third Party Transforming Robot Figures:
Mastermind Creations R-09 Eupatorium (if the price is right...)
Iron Factory IF-EX16 Pink Assassin Bought
Iron Factory IF-EX16N Night Assassin (ordered, but missing in transit)
Iron Factory IF-EX16A Alleria (ordered, but missing in transit)
This 3D Printed Thing of Beauty. I can only hope it gets mass produced at some point!
FansProject LER-05 (I know, I hate Dinobots, so this Dino-femme-bot makes me a hypocrite, and I'm perfectly happy about that! And there are two versions?)
Toy World TW-M06 Leia (possibly - vehicle mode is a disaster unless the back end isn't finished yet, but the only thing wrong with robot mode is that the head seems too small)
SXS Toys R-04 Hot Flame (Much as I like Mastermind Creations' take on IDW Hot Rod, this looks far more accurate to the source material... only question is, do I actually want a figure based on IDW's Hot Rod?)

Third Party Accessories:
SXS A-06 & A-07 weapon kits
Fans Want It Alien Jet Engine Kit
FansProject TFX-ABT-01 Gas Tank Upgrade Kit

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