The Want List (8/12/17)

Here's where I shall keep a track of TransFormers toys and Third Party bits and bobs that I'm interested in laying my hands on... Just a simple list, but hopefully it'll document a few cool purchases... I'm even starting an Amazon wish list featuring some of these items. While I know this sort of thing happens for some bloggers (and particularly YouTubers), in all good conscience, I neither expect nor suggest anyone buy these for me (other than, perhaps, close friends and family, for birthday or Christmas presents). It's just another means of tracking the figures and their availability.

Official Hasbro TransFormers:
Generations/Titans Return Six Shot Bought (on a chance visit to Forbidden Planet after getting out of work early)
Generations/Titans Return Cosmos Bought (glad this was re-released as I don't think it ever made it to the UK originally...)
Generations/Titans Return Octane TFNation'd (thus completing the set of Classics-continuation Decepticon Triple-Changers in my collection)
Generations/Titans Return Broadside TFNation'd (OK, jet mode looks awful, but aircraft carrier mode looks amusing and the mini Aerialbot jet modes are cute)
Generations/Titans Return Krok TFNation'd (because I kinda like the Skullsmasher/Skullcruncher mold, but really don't like the colourscheme...)
Generations/Titans Return Brawn Bought (on a whim, at Forbidden Planet)
Generations/Titans Return Overboard Bought (for use with the Nottingham Robot Co Overlord upgrade)
Generations/Titans Return Apeface Bought (for use with the Nottingham Robot Co Overlord upgrade)
HasCon/Titans Return Arcee Bought (picked one up at the MCM Comic Con London, which turned out to be a good move as the one I ordered via eBay turned out to be a scam)

Robots In Disguise (2015) Deluxe Bisk Bought
Robots In Disguise (2015) Deluxe Thermidor Bought (because Bisk is rather cool in hand)
Robots In Disguise (2015) Deluxe Thunderhoof Bought (on a whim, £10 in TK Maxx)

Cybertron Longrack
Energon Dreadwing
Armada Optimus Prime (Super Base truck only, to replace my broken one - trailer still works nicely!)

Beast Wars Metals/Transmetals 2 Tigerhawk
Beast Wars Metals/Transmetals 2 Megatron
Beast Wars Metals/Transmetals 2 Blackarachnia
Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy (maybe)

Masterpiece MPM-05 Barricade Preordered (not madly keen on owning yet another Bumblebee or Optimus Prime, but this thing looks great)

Offical Takara Tomy Figures:
TransFormers Adventure Strongarm Bought (because the other version I picked up wasn't quite 'right')
TransFormers Adventure Windblade Bought (because the Hasbro version is actually pretty poor)
TransFormers Adventure Ground Vehicon General Bought (just because!)
TransFormers Adventure Drift Origin & Jazz Battle Mode TFNation'd (better colourschemes than the original, and a visor-ed Jazz)
TransFormers Adventure 'Joint Struggle' Sideswipe & Stepper Bought (...possibly lost in the post..?)
TransFormers Prime/Arms Micron AM-32 Stunt Wildrider Bought
Street Fighter II x TransFormers Convoy [Ryu] vs Megatron [Vega] & Hot Rod [Ken] vs Arcee [Chun Li] Preordered (silly, I know, but actually rather cool-looking)

TransFormers Generations Senator Ratbat
Masterpiece Ratbat (maybe... Not 100% convinced by Badbat now I have it...)

TransFormers Live Action Movie Figures:
The Last Knight Voyager Nitro TFNation'd
Movie Masterpiece Barricade
Age of Extinction Deluxe Stinger (assuming it ever happens and is a remold rather than a repaint of Bumblebee Goddamnit, Hasbro)

Misc Exclusives/Special Releases:
TFCC BotCon 2014 Knight Flareup Bought (found for a surprisingly reasonable price on eBay)
OTFCC BotCon 2002 Glyph Bought (as a pair with Rook)
OTFCC BotCon 2002 Rook Bought (as a pair with Glyph)
TFCC BotCon 2009 Scourge
TransFormers Cloud Hellwarp
TransFormers Cloud Starscream (maybe)

'Holy Grail' Figures:
TFCC BotCon 2006 Megatron (appeared on eBay during late 2016 for the frankly insane price of $1,300, eventually sold for a just as loony $1,000. Also seen for €1,100 Euros, which is still nuts)
Galaxy Force Chromia White Version/Minerva Type DVD set
Encore/G1 Sky Lynx (because CW Sky Lynx just isn't quite right, and I like motorized features!)

Third Party Transforming Robot Figures:
Iron Factory IF-EX16N Night Assassin Bought
Iron Factory IF-EX16A Alleria Bought (2nd time lucky)
Alien Attack STF-01 Firage Preordered (looks absolutely phenomenal, considering its reported size)
Unique Toys R-01 Peru Kill Preordered (more like the toy movie Lockdown deserved...)
TFEVO TE-01 Hot Fire Preordered (Third parties are doing some seriously impressive things with the movie characters at the moment...)
FansToys FT-24 Rouge Preordered (vehicle mode looks a bit odd... but easily the best Third Party Arcee right now)
Iron Factory IF-EX27 Shrikes Feather Preordered (I'd rather not get into my Seeker OCD, so I'm skipping the main three and going straight for the Femme-Bot)
Mastermind Creations R-09 Eupatorium (if the price is right...)
This 3D Printed Thing of Beauty. I can only hope it gets mass produced at some point!
WeiJiang 'Robot Force' M02 customised Hound (because the KuBianBao version was actually a bit disappointing)
FansProject LER-05 Comera Bought (I know, I hate Dinobots, so this Dino-femme-bot makes me a hypocrite, and I'm perfectly happy about that! And there are two versions?)

Third Party Accessories:
Perfect Effect PC-15 and PC-16 upgrade kits for TF Legends Super Ginrai Bought
Dr Wu DW-M08 Judgement weapons for TLK Optimus Prime Bought (on a whim)
Transform Dream Wave TCW-01 Bruticus upgrade set Bought (because the Perfect Effect one was a bit underwhelming in comparison)

Beezleboss Iron Lady weapons set
Fans Want It Alien Jet Engine Kit
FansProject TFX-ABT-01 Gas Tank Upgrade Kit

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