Sunday, 21 September 2008


Having spent several years trying - and failing - to come up with a way to refresh my website's TransFormers collection pages, it has occurred to me that Blogging is a viable alternative. Here's why:

  • No messing around in HTML to fix the formatting that's either messed up or ignored in the software I use.
  • No necessity to resize photos, as the blog will present a clickable thumbnail linked to the full size image.
  • I can have multiple photos for each toy on those special occasions where I take so many cool photos, I can't decide which to use. Or, y'know, if I want to show the robot mode and alternate mode. Daring stuff like that.
  • I can start where I want and when I want, both in terms of toyline and whenever is convenient to me.
  • 'Filing' can be accomplished by sensible use of tags.
So, with this in mind... I shall probably - eventually - scrap the TF Collections part of my website, take new photos of everything (I may ask for a light tent for Christmas this year), and do things as and when I want, as and when I get new toys.

Cool with you?