Sunday, 20 April 2014

Age of Extinction Blurb

After three fairly forgettable live action movies and their associated toylines - the best of which somehow conspired to be the toyline for the worst of the three movies - I honestly wasn't expecting much from any continuation of the TransFormers movie franchise. Hell, I wasn't necessarily expecting further continuation at all.

I had some vague hope that another director might be enticed to take Michael Bay's place but, honestly, Bay isn't such a bad director. The problem always seems to be the material (and screenwriters) he's working with and I, for one, am glad to see the back of Kurtzman and Orci in the TransFormers franchise. They are capable of writing good stuff (I recently saw and loved The Amazing Spider-Man 2, for example), but just didn't seem to bother with TransFormers. They were utterly dismissive of the giant alien robots - theoretically the main characters in the concept - in favour of a gobby teenager, his girl troubles and his embarrassing parents.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Revenge of the Fallen Jolt

I have a lot of complaints about the first two TransFormers movies. I mean, the third is far from perfect, but at least it has something approaching a plot. The first movie is a poorly conceived introduction to the transforming robotic lifeforms from Cybertron tacked onto a 'heartwarming' story about a boy's first car, and the second is a ridiculous jumble that jumps around the world without ever really going anywhere. Worse still, it's far too obvious that some of the characters are there only to advertise Chevrolet's latest products.

Jolt is probably the most glaring example of this. Whereas the Twins had plenty of screen time and far too much questionable dialogue (must confess, I don't see them as racist stereotypes because I saw them as hillbillies talking 'street'... nothing about them made me think they were supposed to sound 'black'... but maybe that's just me), Jolt had maybe fifteen seconds of screen time, there was maybe one line of dialogue attributed to him that's equally likely to have come from Sideswipe, and his most significant role in the film was using his electro-whips/sparky arm phalli to magically graft bits of the deceased Jetfire onto the recently resurrected Optimus Prime.

In many ways, it was surprising that Hasbro even bothered to make a toy out of him (licensing deals notwithstanding), so how does he shape up?

Saturday, 5 April 2014

OMG - New Aquisitions!

It just so happens that I'm working again - that is to say, "I've accepted a permanent placement" rather than just "I have a new temporary job". This leaves me with some proper disposable income, the likes of which I haven't really known for a while.

To celebrate this turn of events, I figured I'd treat myself... and what better way than this:

These two items were ordered from TFSource, in the States, because the UK-based web store I usually order from these days (a) didn't have Diesel in stock or on pre-order and (b) didn't respond to an emailed enquiry about it. Dunno what it is about UK specialist toy shops, but they always seem to end up annoying me somehow.

But hey, at least they weren't rude to me... unlike another one.

Interestingly, while I've had recently some issues with my bank blocking perfectly normal low-value transactions in the name of 'Fraud Prevention' (another nail in their coffin, as far as I'm concerned, so I'm looking into a new bank as soon as I can get organised), they allowed me to spend almost £150 with a US-based internet toyshop. TFSource, however, being wary of fraudulent transactions themselves, notified me almost immediately that they had cancelled my transaction and required me to pay by PayPal instead. Good for them. And good for me, that I already had an account that is actually up-to-date. The order was sorted out and despatched within about 24 hours and arrived during last week... without being held to ransom by ParcelFarce.

So... I now have the final component of FansProjects' Causality update of Generation 1 Menasor and, since I complained about the lack of decent wrist blasters on FE Bulkhead, the Dream Works 'Blaster Cannon Weapon Upgrading Kit'.

Not pictured here is a neat little (well, A3-ish) poster that seems to accompany the Dream Works set, though it was packaged separately. The card pictured in front of the box was actually inside it...

I was aiming to do some serious blogging this weekend but, in spite of an excellent start to the day, I'm not really feeling in the mood right now (partly because of a slight headache, I guess). We'll see how tomorrow goes...

The new background probably won't turn up in many new postings, mainly because 'new' is relative and most of my draft posts have ancient photos hosted on Photobucket, but also because it's my girlfriend's desk, and I was only using it because she's visiting family during her Easter break.