Sunday, 6 June 2010

N.E.S.T. Global Alliance Brawn

One of the more interesting effects of the TransFormers movies is that lesser-known characters from Generation 1 are being reborn in its wake. No appearance in the movies themselves, yet the character is re-imagined and recreated in the Movie style. Some of them are familiar designs with new names attached, thanks to trademark issues, then others are familiar designs with 100% authentic G1 names attached. Brawn is an example of the latter.

It is almost ironic that the movies have spent very little time on characterising the robots involved, yet the toyline develops small nuggets of backstory not only for them, but for these extra characters as well. It's almost a toyline advertising a film franchise, rather than the other way round.

Back in the days of G1, Brawn initially got a fair bit of page space in the comics - including a story of his very own, where he went completely nuts - while appearing very little in the cartoon. His few appearances did very little to show anything of his character, other than being ever ready to punch some Decepticons in the face. They didn't even touch on the one weakness listed on his Tech Specs, meaning he became little more than Generic Cannon Fodder. I wonder if Generation 1 would be done better today... perhaps written by the folks behind Beast Wars? With 12+ episodes per series, surely more could be done to develop each character? That just wasn't a priority back in the 80s. Still, New Brawn has even less character - on the UK packaging, all it tells you about him is that he's after Rampage, one of the Deluxe Decepticons from the same wave.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Yes, I know I'm slow

And, unfortunately, this ain't much of a post. Just wanted to make brief mention that I picked up 3 new RotF-branded toys today - Skystalker, Breakdown (let's give him his proper name, after all, none of this 'Brakedown' rubbish) and N.E.S.T. Brawn.

Brawn stands out as being the most impressive, but he is a Deluxe, while the other two are Scouts. Sure, he has a lot of vehicle mode panels attached to his robot mode, but what really blew me away was the way the roof of the vehicle folds back to form the underside of the forearm/elbow. Talk about excellent engineering, and so true to the style of the Movie models.

Less impressive are the legs... which don't quite suit the upper half of the model... but he's pretty darned good.

Mode details and photos this weekend, weather/other engagements permitting.