Thursday, 23 June 2011

Beast Wars Reissue Cheetor

Every line of TransFormers needs a headstrong, action-hungry kid-appeal character who starts off completely arrogant, insubordinate and consistently bites off more than he can chew, but grows not only to respect his Prime but the rest of his team as well. Lately, that's been the Bumblebee role... but in the Beast Wars, another yellow character fulfilled the same purpose...

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Cat Returns

I was very lucky a short while ago.

When I popped out earlier to empty my bins and start restocking my fridge, I found ParcelForce had tried to deliver something to the flat yesterday, around 5pm. Annoyingly, it was another one of those occasions where I heard the buzzer go, seemingly at random, in the early evening, and decided not to answer. I should really try to look out the window on these occasions, but there's no way to do that subtly, or quickly enough to get to the intercom afterward.

Anyway... I popped out to get the first part of my shopping and, upon my return, found the postman handing some stuff over to one of the ground floor businesses. As I unlocked the main door, he followed me in, but didn't seem to be carrying any boxes (at which point, I remembered I wanted ParcelForce, not Royal Mail).

He didn't have anything for me so, once I'd put my shopping away, I popped out again for the other stuff I needed. When I got back, I saw a guy walking away from the front door with a box in his hand.

He was heading to a red van.

A red van labelled 'ParcelForce'.

So, lugging my shopping, I ran after him, and caught up to him just as he was logging his failed delivery. I knocked on the window and asked if, by any chance, he had just tried to deliver to my address. He said this was so, and I produced the card he'd left yesterday, saying "That's me!". Since he needed proof of identity, he had to follow me back up to the flat to complete the delivery... but now it's here!
Far earlier than I'd expected, my TFCC 2011 Exclusive Animated Transtech Cheetor has arrived! The actual toy's box is less than half the size of the shipping box - it's only a little larger than the toy, for a change, though about twice as deep as it needs to be. No comic with this one, sadly, but he does have a G1-style Tech Spec card stuffed in there (really, I mean it was stuffed in - it's slightly longer than the box, and so had to be put in diagonally, but even then the corners have bent).

Pretty cool stuff... Pictures soon (in the Collectors' Club sense of 'soon', knowing me...)