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I've briefly dabbled with a couple of online checklists for this sort of purpose but, frankly, find operating and updating them tedious. The easiest thing, from my point of view, would be to simply list everything I own here, for the sake of posterity... or something.

I should emphasise that I've never intended to own complete sets of any particular toyline - as a general rule, I only ever buy the figures I really want - so what I'm calling 'completed sets' are simply the toylines from which I don't (currently) intend to make any more purchases.

So, as I complete writing up groups of my collection, I'll batch together the links and add them in here for convenience.

Collectors' Boxed Sets

Events & TransFormers Collectors' Club
Since I take collecting pretty seriously - or did, when I first got back into collecting in the mid-2000s - it was inevitable that I'd try to acquire at least some of the special boxed sets that are produced to entice the Collector. There are a few that I'd consider 'must have', but a surprising number - from BotCon, at least - that just didn't light my candle at all. While I've sought out individual BotCon figures quite regularly, I bought less than half of the BotCon sets Fun Publications created, and only a scattering of sets from other shows.
BotCon/Collectors' Club (Fun Pub) Other
Dawn of Futures Past (BotCon 2006) Shadow Striker Roulette (OTFCC 2003)
Games of Deception (BotCon 2007) Dreadwing Smokejumper (TTS 2010)
Timelines Seacons (TFCC 2008) MMC R-08Q Feral & Nero Queen (TFN 2016)
The Stunti-Con Job (BotCon 2011) Combiner Hunters (SDCC 2015)
Machine Wars: Termination (BotCon 2013) Arcee, Leinad & Ultra Magnus (HasCon 2017)

G1-style Continuities

Along with Binaltech, the Masterpiece line - and most specifically, MP01 Convoy - is most responsible for getting me back into collecting TransFormers toys. The original figure, 12 inches of awesome transforming action figure, built - like the G1 toys - with a decent amout of die-cast metal, is still a pretty impressive figure. What really sold it to me, though, was that it was first and foremost a contemporary reworking of the G1 toy, with a subtle nod to the G1 cartoon. As Masterpiece figures edged further in the direction of animation accuracy, my interest waned... so it's highly unlikely I'll get any more (unless Takara Tomy re-release Sunstreaker with the head and shin parts they gave Cordon and Spin-Out, which may convince me to acquire not just that, but Sideswipe as well)
MP01 Convoy MP03 Starscream
Grimlock MP05 Megatron
Rodimus Prime Skywarp
Optimus Prime (V2) Thundercracker
MP26 Road Rage Soundwave & Cassettes

TransFormers: Combiner Wars / Unite Warriors
After years of avoiding combiners, then delivering the watered-down experience of Power Core Combiners, Hasbro and Takara Tomy finally got it right with Combiner Wars. The line featured Deluxe class limb-bots, Voyager class torso-bots and a cleverly-conceived yet poorly executed use of weapon accessories as both hands and feet on the gestalts, as well as interaction with some of the smaller toys as either armour or weapons for the gestalts. Plenty of play value thanks to excellent poseability on all the toys, regardless of size... though the combined forms could be a bit wobbly. Due to some odd choices on Hasbro's part (and the fact that I already owned FansProjects' Intimidator), I ended up with only a couple of individual Decepticon figures...
Air Raid Bruticus (Unite Warriors set)
Alpha Bravo Grand Galvatron (Unite Warriors set)
Blades Megatron
Combiner Hunters (SDCC 2015 set) Shockwave
First Aid
Groove (Deluxe class)
Groove (Legends class)
Hot Spot (& Defensor)
Silverbolt (& Superion)
Sky Lynx (& custom Sky Reign)

TransFormers: Titans Return (inc. TransFormers Legends)
Combiner Wars was great, but Titans Return - and Takara Tomy's continuation of their Legends line - was a very mixed bag. Its reboot of the old HeadMaster gimmick wasn't integrated into the toyline as completely as it had been back in Generation 1, but the individual toys tended to be excellent.
HasCon Arcee & Leinad w/ Ultra Magnus Apeface
Blurr Tokyo Toy Show 2017 Black Convoy
Brawn Krok & Gatorface
Broadside & Blunderbuss Octane & Murk
Cosmos Overboard
Godbomber Overlord & Dreadnaut
Hot Rod & Firedrive Scourge & Fracas
TargetMaster Kup (Chear) & Recoil Sharkticon & Sweep
Super Ginrai Sixshot & Revolver
Windblade & Scorchfire Triggerhappy & Blowpipe
TargetMaster Windblade Weirdwolf & Monxo

TransFormers: Power of the Primes
By this point, Hasbro had agreed a 'Unification of World Brands' with Takara Tomy, which effectively brought Legends to an end and forced them to release toys in exactly the same form (packaging included) as their American counterparts. Worse still, the final chapter of the Prime Wars Trilogy presented little more than retreads of Combiner Wars and Titans Return rather than any true innovation. Individual toys were great, but the line as a whole was a disappointment.
Prime Masters (Cloudburst & Micronus, Metalhawk & Vector Prime, Skullgrin & Leige Maximo,
Landmine & Alpha Trion, Submarauder & Alchemist Prime, Octopunch & Solus Prime,
Bludgeon & Quintus Prime, Bomb-Burst & Megatronus)
Elita-1 Battletrap (Battleslash & Roadtrap)
Moonracer Darkwing
Novastar Dreadwind
Evolution Optimus Prime Evolution Nemesis Prime
Punch-Counterpunch & Prima Prime Evolution Rodimus Unicronus
Evolution Rodimus Prime

The Unicron Trilogy

TransFormers: Armada / Micron Legend
A toyline I was initially quite disparaging of due to the simple, clumsy, frequently ugly construction of many of the toys and the fact that its focus on obtaining all the Mini-Cons/Microns was a thinly disguised Pokémon rip-off, I nevertheless ended up buying - and enjoying - a handful of the toys, including two Japanese versions, one a 5000-piece limited edition, mail-away figure. Admittedly, this collection isn't really 'complete' because I have yet to write about any of the myriad Mini-Con and Micron sets I own (some of which were limited editions)... but I'm still not sure how I'm going to go about them, or if I should separate them from the Energon/Superlink versions...
Unicron & Dead End
Jetfire & Comettor Megatron & Leader-1
Laserbeak TV Magazine Scourge & Sweep
Super Base Optimus Prime & Sparkplug Skywarp & Thunderclash
Overload & Rollout Starscream & Grid
Powerlinx Red Alert & Longarm Thundercracker & Zapmaster
Tidal Wave & Ramjet

Individual Movie Toylines

TransFormers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen
While RotF's position as the worst movie in the franchise was eventually usurped by Age of Extinction and The Last Knight (take your pick, I hope I never see TLK), its toyline was - and to a degree, remains - the pinnacle of TransFormers toylines. Previously unparalleled screen accuracy, the intriguing and (generally) well-handled Mech Alive gimmick, and an extended range of toys under the sub-brands 'Hunt for the Decepticons' and 'N.E.S.T. Global Alliance' brought toys of original new characters not seen in the movie, some paying homage to Generation 1, but all conveniently maintaining Hasbro's trademarks.
Back Road Brawl 2-pack (Hoist & G1 colour Mixmaster)
Arcee Bludgeon
Battle Blade Bumblebee Breakdown
Battle Ops Bumblebee Dead End
Brawn Demolishor
Breakaway Devastator (Legends Constructicons set)
Chromia Dirt Boss
Elita-1 Hailstorm
Evac Megatron
Fallback The Fallen
Highbrow Mixmaster
Hubcap Payload
Jetfire Rampage
Jolt Ravage (Legends)
Mudflap Ravage (Deluxe)
Nightbeat Sideways
Optimus Prime Skystalker
Sideswipe Skywarp
Sidearm Sideswipe Soundwave
Skids Starscream (Voyager)
Strafe Starscream (Leader)
Swerve Terradive
Tomahawk Wheelie

TransFormers 3 - Dark of the Moon
Easily my favourite film of the 'Witwicky Saga' because it so very nearly had a coherent plot, Dark of the Moon had a disappointingly small toyline, with several figures never seeing the light of day outside of Japan due to Hasbro cancelling the line being prematurely. The toys had become smaller and, in some cases, less complex than those of previous lines, but most were packaged with 'Mechtech' weapons featuring geared, spring-loaded action. Its biggest failing, though, was undoubtedly having no Leader class toy of the the newly redesigned Megatron.
Nitro Bumblebee Crankcase
Dino Hatchet
Ironhide (Voyager) Megatron
Ironhide (Leader) Shockwave
Jolt Darkside Soundwave
Sentinel Prime Thundercracker
Armour Topspin

TransFormers 4 - Age of Extinction
And from my favourite to my least favourite (though only because I never bothered to see The Last Knight), Age of Extinction was an incoherent mess of too many ideas with not enough thought to tie them together. International travel, Dinobots, robot designs that couldn't possibly be turned into effective toys, and way too many new human characters of little or no consequence. The toyline was even smaller than that of the previous movie - almost as if Hasbro had lost confidence in the movie brand, or were trying to distance themselves from it - with very few highlights.
Bumblebee Evolution 2-pack Lockdown
High Octane Bumblebee
Evasion Mode Optimus Prime

TransFormers 5 - The Last Knight
While I've yet to see the whole movie, I feel like I've seen enough of it in clips on YouTube to know that it's every bit the incoherent mess that Age of Extinction was, or perhaps worse. By all accounts, some interesting stuff ended up on the cutting room floor (not least Cogman demonstrating his HeadMaster function), while the toyline was the smallest and most underachieving movie line to date. Granted, it's possible Hasbro wanted to hold some stuff back for Studio Series, but what little they released under TLK branding really wasn't that good. The best figures have come from Third Parties, in the form of either upscaled reworkings of Hasbro's molds, or wholly new figures at approximately Masterpiece scale.
Cogman Barricade
Hot Rod Berserker
Optimus Prime Megatron

Standalone Continuities

Loosely associated with Binaltech via its bonkers storyline, Alternity carried on the pattern of licensed vehicle modes and die-cast metal parts, but at Takara Tomy's original preferred scale for Binaltech. Disappointing in the end, as the engineering was a little too ambitious for the size and materials, and because there were far too many repaints of a small number of figures, but an interesting diversion nonetheless.
Bumblebee Megatron
Cliffjumper Skywarp
Convoy Starscream

Street Fighter II x TransFormers
Clearly the fever-dream of a Capcom fan at Takara Tomy or a TransFormers fan at Capcom, this bonkers crossover line appeared suddenly and with little fanfare, and appears to be limited to four characters across two twin packs - two Voyager class repaints in one, two Deluxes in the other - made out of Titans Return/TF Legends repaints.
Arcee [Chun Li] Megatron [Vega]
Convoy [Ryu]
Hot Rodimus [Ken]

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