Friday, 30 April 2010

Things to come, and not to come...

Well, photography-wise, I'm all but done (G1 excepted, but I've nowhere to display that little lot). I thought I'd photographed my latest Collectors' Club acquisitions (Banzai-Tron and a slightly flawed Skyquake (the replacement Energon/Spark jewel thing is missing)), but apparently not... Can't find the picture files, and haven't already uploaded to Photobucket. That'll be a task for some convenient, sunny day.

In terms of progress on this blog... Yes, I'm still very much behind... But I'm going to have to get a bit more organised as my Photobucket account is all but full. Yes, I could pay for more... but I ain't gonna.

With any luck, I might be able to make a bit of headway on Monday - I'll be out for a good chunk of the day both on Saturday and Sunday - so it's a question of motivation, really.