The Want List (29/11/19)

Here's where I keep a track of TransFormers toys and Third Party bits and bobs that I'm interested in laying my hands on... Just a simple list, but hopefully it'll document a few cool purchases... I also keep an Amazon wish list featuring some of these items but, while I know this sort of thing happens for some bloggers (and particularly YouTubers), in all good conscience, I neither expect nor suggest anyone buy these for me (other than, perhaps, close friends and family, for birthday or Christmas presents). It's just another means of tracking the figures and their availability.

Mainline Hasbro TransFormers:
Generations/War for Cybertron: Siege Brunt Bought
Generations/War for Cybertron: Siege Rumble & Ratbat (maybe - the latter looks OK, but the former looks rubbish)
Generations/War for Cybertron: Siege Bluestreak (maybe - since he appears not to have any battle damage or Cybertronian text on him, he just looks like a concept car... and since I'm not entirely happy with my Classics Bluestreak due to some QC issues, perhaps I'll cave in and get him)
Generations/War for Cybertron: Earthrise Optimus Prime (actually looks decent, and a worthy replacement to the 13-year-old Classics version)
Generations/War for Cybertron: Earthrise Cliffjumper (looks kind of like his transformation is a simplified version of MP Bumblebee and, since G1 Cliffjumper was my first ever TransFormers toy purchase, I've basically got to get this one)
Generations/War for Cybertron: Earthrise Grapple (maybe... it's basically the G1 toy, but more like the cartoon and with better articulation...)

Cyberverse Shadow Striker (if there's a decent, Warrior class version of her)
Cyberverse Scraplet (because it looks rather cute, even if it's completely out of proportion with the rest of the line... it's almost 1:1 scale!)

Cybertron Longrack

Energon Dreadwing

Beast Wars Metals/Transmetals 2 Tigerhawk
Beast Wars Metals/Transmetals 2 Megatron

Mainline Takara Tomy Figures:
Arms Micron (TFPrime) Jet Vehicon General

TransFormers Generations Senator Ratbat

Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy (maybe)

Masterpiece Ratbat (maybe... Not 100% convinced by Badbat now I have it...)
Masterpiece Blackarachnia (I really like the MPBW figures, but they seem a bit brittle and don't really have space for them... Blackarachnia would be a must if it weren't for the silly price tag)
Masterpiece Lio Convoy (hopefully a bit more sturdy than Perfect Effect's Leonidas... but, going by some recent MP figures, particularly the BW ones like Cheetor, Dinobot and Megatron, probably not...)

TransFormers Live Action Movie Figures:
Masterpiece Movie Jazz Bought (looks fantastic, though not sure about the 'break him in half and have his spine trailing from his upper body' feature/accessory...)
Masterpiece Movie Megatron (maybe - I don't really like the CGI design, but this interpretation is leagues better than the original Leader class toy... I'm also considering the so-called 'honey badger' KO instead, since it has a far better paint job at almost half the cost)
Studio Series car mode Dropkick Bought (will probably skip the helicopter version now the car mode version has been revealed)
Studio Series helicopter mode Drift Bought (a partial - and clever - retool of chopper Dropkick)
Studio Series Rampage (revealed at MCM London Comic Con Oct18) 
Studio Series Long Haul (revealed at MCM London Comic Con Oct18)
Studio Series Scrap Metal (revealed at MCM London Comic Con Oct18)
Studio Series Hightower (not great-looking as a standalone figure perhaps, but I'd really like to get the complete SS Devastator!)
Studio Series Mixmaster (revealed at the Canadian Fan Expo Aug19 - not entirely convinced, but it's a component of SS Devastator...)
Studio Series Scavenger (revealed at the Canadian Fan Expo Aug19 - seems to be a massive upgrade on the Legends class toy from a from 2010, but with a very similar transformation)
Studio Series Overload ('revealed' by
Studio Series Scrapper
Studio Series Shockwave (a thing of malevolent beauty, revealed at the Canadian Fan Expo Aug19)
Studio Series Arcee Triplets (based on more recent photos, these are now an easy pass - too small to be sufficiently detailed, yet too large to be in scale, and with pathetic paint jobs)
Studio Series Soundwave (revealed alongside the Arcee Triplets)
Studio Series 2007 Concept Camaro Bumblebee (reluctantly... but it does look as though it may actually be an improvement on the Battle Blade version from the RotF toyline...)
Studio Series Jeep Bumblebee ('revealed' by, this is a maybe - definitely want to see photos before making up my mind)
Studio Series Jet mode Shatter ('revealed' by, here's hoping it's better than the car version!)
Studio Series Roadbuster ('revealed' by, more likely to pick this up if the other two Wreckers get remade as well)
Studio Series Blitzwing (a toy still hasn't been announced yet, but fingers crossed...)

Misc Exclusives/Special Releases:
TFCC BotCon 2009 Scourge
TransFormers Cloud Hellwarp
TransFormers Cloud Starscream On Order (amusing as the concept is coincidentally similar to the Bumblebee movie version of Blitzwing)
TransFormers Movie Advanced Wheeljack

'Holy Grail' Figures:
TFCC BotCon 2006 Darksyde Megatron (appeared on eBay during late 2016 for the frankly insane price of $1,300, eventually sold for a just as loony $1,000. Also seen for €1,100 Euros, which is still nuts)
Encore/G1 Sky Lynx (because CW Sky Lynx just isn't quite right, and I like motorised features!)
Encore/G1 Omega Supreme (because the Siege version is way too big for my collection and I like motorised features)
Beast Wars Ikard & Tako Tank (actually not that difficult to find for a reasonable cost, I just don't have room for it right now...)
Beast Wars II Galvatron Color Lio Convoy (super-unlikely considering only 50 were made)

Third Party Transforming Robot Figures:
KO G1 Sunstreaker Bought (kind of an impulse buy on eBay, as I saw it at a decent price and I'm unlikely to find a genuine one in good condition at a reasonable cost anytime soon...) Perfect Effect PE-DX-10 Jetforce Revive Commander (an interesting blend of their Ginrai Prime figure and movieverse-stylings, with a trailer that turns into his Jetwing kit from RotF/DotM)
FansProject Lost Exo Realm LER-06 Echara Bought (TFSource dropped her to half price for their Customer Appreciation Week this year... How I could I say no?)
Toyworld Movie Series WWII Bumblebee
Toyworld Movie Series WWII Starscream (assuming it's not a build-a-figure within this line)
Big Firebird BFB EX01 Nicee (controversial design, but looks right up my street)
Big Firebird Windblade (another controversial design, but it makes interesting use of her jet wings in vehicle mode)
Unique Toys UT-R03 Dragoon (I feel I shouldn't really encourage designs like this, but it's a fantastic take on the outlandish, knight-themed reworking of Megatron from The Last Knight)
FansHobby MB-12 Athena ('cos I've always wanted a Minerva)
FansHobby MB-15 Armada Optimus Prime-analogue (unless TakaraTomy/Hasbro get theirs out first)
Iron Factory IF-G01 Starwing (possibly - I'd rather a single figure with replacement armour parts - a la Armour Girls Project/Frame Arms Girl/Megami Device - rather than two separate, complete figures... and it's not clear at this point of Starwing will even be articulated. If not, I won't bother)
Mastermind Creations R-09 Eupatorium (if the price is right...)
WeiJiang 'Robot Force' M05 customised Blackout (assuming the issues with build quality - breaking clips, etc. - are sorted)
WeiJiang 'Robot Force' M02 customised Hound (because the KuBianBao version was actually a bit disappointing)
This 3D Printed Thing of Beauty. I can only hope it gets mass produced at some point!

Third Party Accessories:
Perfect Effect PC-15, PC-16 & PC-18 upgrade kits for TF Legends Super Ginrai Bought
Dr Wu DW-M08 Judgement weapons for TLK Optimus Prime Bought (on a whim)
Beezleboss BLZ-06 Iron Lady weapons set Bought
DNA Design DK-06 upgrade set for Studio Series Grimlock Bought
DNA Design DK-10 upgrade set for Studio Series Ironhide Bought
DNA Design DK-11 upgrade set for Studio Series Jetfire
Fans Want It Alien Jet Engine Kit
FansProject TFX-ABT-01 Gas Tank Upgrade Kit

Third Party Other:
Flame Toys' Furai Model Kit Windblade (maybe - I know this goes against my dislike of non-transforming TransFormers, but it looks like it could be gorgeous...)

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