Sunday, 12 July 2009

Progress of a sort

So here's the thing...

I've photographed a large chunk of my collection - almost everything that is individually boxed, in fact, and all but one of my TransFormers: Galaxy Force models - and even uploaded a decent portion of the images to my Photobucket account...

...but until I get my new computer, the process of blogging the entries is slow, tedious and prone to glitching or crashing partway through.

The new computer has been delayed because my brother in law has had far more important things to do when he's not working. It's frustrating... Still not having my birthday present almost a month after my birthday is kind of annoying in a selfish sort of way... But I know it's coming.

I actually have text files containing lots of the links, created very slowly at home, or far faster at work after hours, so I probably could blog a few more... but even that is going to take time.

Maybe I'll book myself some more time off work, and see what happens.
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