Sunday, 13 March 2011

Another Glaring Omission

I've been sticking some photos of my custom/repainted TransFormers up elsewhere on the interwebs, and realised this morning that I've missed another one of them... and it's one of those that I'm particularly proud of, because its one of my customs.

A friend of mine has a habit of getting for my birthday TransFormers that I already have, so it became my tradition, a while back, to repaint them into new characters. One of these was Alternators Skids (I'd got the Binaltech version) who became my Alternators Soundwave after I saw someone create an Alternators Soundblaster from the same model.

To give you a brief, textual preview: robot mode is quite heavily repainted, and features both the head and the weapons from a Cybertron Soundwave I picked up reasonably cheaply. He also makes use of the blue tray thing from G1 Doubledealer and both of his PowerMaster figures - the humanoid one repainted as Rumble (Red/Black - I stick with the toys, not the G1 cartoon) and the bat-like one, conveniently, as Ratbat. The tray was cut up slightly so that it fits under the bonnet in robot mode, and allows the PowerMasters to sit in his chest, waiting to be 'ejected'.

My Soundwave is in my cabinets meaning, theoretically, I have photos of him somewhere... But I'm damned if I know where.

I'll go the easier route, and take some more photos when there's enough light...

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