Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Small Addendum

I've had a bit of a playabout with Battle Ops Bumblebee recently, and added a couple of new photos showing that he can actually be posed quite well with effort and patience.

And a little bit of cheating. Specifically, unpegging his right arm from the shoulder, so it can point outward rather than just straight forward.

It's not such a bad model, really... just not necessarily so good as a toy, and it's important to note the difference. Maybe I'm wrong, and I must admit that I'd be surprised if kids really spent much time posing their toys, as opposed to just bashing them into each other... But, really, if they wanted to do that with a TransFormers movie toy, surely they would buy the non-transforming lights and sounds version?

Just for fun, the two additional photos are also here...

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