Friday, 9 March 2012

Still being rubbish

A couple of months ago, I was considering the idea of posting a message to the effect that I'm on a deliberate haitus from this blog. Here's the situation:

  • I have over 120 posts that could be considered 'in progress' (that is, the images are in place for over 120 draft posts), but many of them are quite old toys, so I have to work up the enthusiasm to write about them - particularly where I've got a version of the same character from a more recent continuity/toy line.
  • I have just under 400 TransFormers toys in the cabinets in my home alone (not including Mini-Cons), with about 20 Exclusives still in their boxes, and at least another 50 still in storage at my folks... that means there are more than 250 already photographed in my second Photobucket account (hurrah for the limitless storage - shame they didn't make that decision before I had to open a second account!) just waiting for me to make the effort to get them into Draft state, at the very least.
  • I'd like to clear the 120-odd posts I have in progress before I move onto newer stuff, but am beginning to think I should just make a start on the newer, more exciting ones.
  • I'm unemployed, so I haven't bought any new TransFormers in absolutely ages (not that there have been any - well done Hasbro! Hardly a surprise your profits were down over Christmas since the stock wasn't on the shelves!), and didn't even get any for Christmas.
  • I renewed my membership to the Collectors' Club but am not especially interested in this year's BotCon set, and one of this year's Club Exclusives left me cold. The other one - pairing up with this year's Membership Incentive figure - is a Classics version of the battlecharger Runabout. I started putting in a preorder for him... but at about $40 for the figure, then a further $58 for shipping to the UK, I just couldn't justify it to myself. Sure, it's a limited edition and, technically, one of a pair... but it's a £25 Limited Edition Deluxe class action figure that would cost me over £60 even before ParcelForce add their extortionate markup. To put that into perspective, mainline Deluxes retail in the States for about $12, which translates to less than £8. It's sold out now, so the decision is moot, but I may not renew my membership again, even if I get a steady income.
  • The prospect of some paid work later this month immediately set me thinking about splurging on TransFormers: Prime toys... which would be a really bad idea before I get paid.
I seem to pop in on this blog once in a while, clearing anywhere between two and four Drafts, but whenever I look at the list, I don't feel compelled to write about these toys right now. I have other things on my mind...

What I will say is this: I am not deserting this blog. I have lots to say about the Dark of the Moon line (not least that it's the first line where the toys have frequently broken while transforming or just posing them), and I'm quite enthusiastic about the TF: Prime line (moreso the First Editions... some of the mass releases look a bit crummy), but I don't expect to get any for a while, and I suspect I won't be getting this blog up to date anytime soon.

I could post a list of the models that are already in Draft form and ask you, gentle reader, to tell me which you'd most like to see/read about, and tailor my updates that way... Just to give you a taste, the current Drafts include:
  • Unicron Trilogy (LOTS of Japanese Galaxy Force toys)
  • Movie toys (TransFormers, some Revenge of the Fallen and its spin-offs)
  • TransFormers Collectors' Club and BotCon Exclusives
  • TF: Animated
This blog has been going for almost three years now and, in that time, I've had more than 7,500 pageviews, and precisely one comment... Feedback would be much appreciated at this time. Any takers?

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