Sunday, 30 June 2013

Further Image Issues

Following my change of policy regarding the images used within these blog posts, I've been finding that some of the draft posts that are queued up waiting for text have started to go a little bit wrong. Not sure what's causing it (other than, perhaps, the billions of system changes at Photobucket), but some of my thumbnails are broken - not just here, but on Photobucket too.

That wouldn't be so bad if there was a way to manually re-make thumbnails within The Bucket.

It also wouldn't be so bad if the full-size images were undamaged, but some of them are broken, too. I figured I could force it to remake thumbnails by choosing the 'Edit' option, doing something minor, then saving... but some of the images won't even load into the editing system.

The upshot of this is that some of the (approximately 120) drafts that are stacked as of this moment will have to be scrapped. Not entirely, of course, I just have to retake photos where I can't access them on Photobucket and reupload them as embedded Blogspot images. I could retake all of them, and just forget about Photobucket, but that seems like a waste... So I may start harvesting those images that work...

Bit of a bugger to have uploaded thousands of images to an image host, only to find it's a bit rubbish...


  1. Have you thought about a programme for uploading the posts? I use Windows Live Blogger on my laptop and that uploads the photos to picasa, which is linked to your blogspot profile (I think). IIRC, as long as the images are under a certain size then you can get unlimited uploads. Of course, if you have a mac, then it probably won't work.

    1. Hey Tets, thanks for the suggestion!

      For a while, back when Flock worked with Blogspot, I used its built-in blogging utility. Since that got canned (after an update which stripped it of its useful additional features and turned it into 'just another browser'), I've been writing everything straight into Blogger's own editor and, for the most part, it's not too bad for my purposes. A bit clumsy, and the way it creates HTML means I sometimes have to flip over to the code view to tidy it up (stripping out the billion unnecessary DIV tags, for example!).

      Uploading images is mostly OK, unless I have absolutely stacks to add to several different posts... but, these days, with Photobucket's so-called upgrades, it's still easier to upload them direct than it is to harvest thumbnail links from The Bucket and then paste them into the post.

      But if tools like Windows Live Blogger would make life even easier, then I'm all for that! I'll give it a try and see how it suits me.