Saturday, 7 June 2014

Cheetimus Does It Again (Goddamnit!)

I don't know how he does it... I wish I did, but I don't... Somehow, though, the inestimable talent of Cheetimus has transformed Hasbro's garish Age of Extinction Dinobot toys into something I'd seriously consider buying...

...and I absolutely loathe Dinobots.

For our enjoyment and edification, he has created a 'scuffed' set and a 'clean' set... and his work shows that the molds themselves are actually pretty darned good... If only Hasbro had given them sensible colour schemes. OK, fine, I get that they don't want to use the bland movie colour schemes¹ (though the subtleties of Grimlock's silver/rust/greenish bits - obvious even in the trailers - are clearly lost on them), but why the wacky colour schemes we got? Why not go with something similar to G1? Is this year not the 30th Anniversary of the TransFormers brand, after all? Hell, I'd seriously consider picking up that Voyager Grimlock molded in darkish grey and black plastic, with a few G1-referencing splashes of gold and red paint, not even as elaborate as the Cheetimus repaint. The model is interesting... fairly clever, even... the factory colour scheme seriously lets it down².

Cheetimus, once again, I salute you!

Except where Megatron in the first and second Live-Action movies were concerned, clearly)

(² And toy companies are wondering why their sales are dropping off, and blaming the mythical phenomenon of 'Action Figure Fatigue'? Give us something new and impressive, you fools, and we'll gladly give you more of our money!)

(Hang on... Footnotes? I'm starting to blog like my girlfriend...)


  1. Hey, thanks for the compliments! That's pretty awesome!

    1. My pleasure! Keep up the great work, and hopefully Hasbro will learn a thing or two about colourschemes along the way ;)