Sunday, 7 June 2015

CW Silverbolt Addendum


A Quick and Easy Modification to Silverbolt/Superion's Antennae,
being a Cheaper Alternative to a Third Party Head

I opened up Superion's head to look at how the antennae are attached, and found that they're both part of a single piece of painted rubber. This, no doubt, contributes to the difficulty in flipping them into place because there's not just the resistance from each individual antenna, but the drag caused by the piece linking them twisting rather than actually moving as well as rubbing against things inside the head. Having cut a chunk out of the rubber in the middle, I can report that the antennae - while still not perfectly willing to move into the proper place due to friction between the painted rubber and the plastic they're mounted in - are far more cooperative.

Of course, this has probably already been covered in one of the big fan sites' forums, but I so rarely visit them, I figured this out on my own... probably several months late...
BEFORE: Superion's antennae tend to angle backward
when they should slip neatly into an upright position.
THE MODIFICATION: Cut a chunk out of the middle of the
piece so that each antenna moves independently and,
probably more crucially, they no longer rub against the
screw fitting. I've only cut a short (2mm) section out,
but the small connecting bar can be removed entirely
AFTER: Superion's antennae are more inclined to stand
straight up. Not perfect, but much improved.

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