Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Second Gestalt Completed

And so, the very day after Leonidas and Zinnia arrived on my desk, the final component of Combiner Wars Superion turned up in the post. Weirdly, despite not ordering it specifically, I got the US/comic book version of Air Raid which is really cool, as he comes with what appears to be an issue of IDW's Combiner Wars series. On the other hand, that means I don't get the collectors' card that came with all the UK releases... (#firstworldproblems)

This now means that I'm basically done with Combiner Wars until I make a firm decision on whether I want the UK release of Ultra Magnus or the Takara Tomy version on import, and then basically done till next year's figures - Sky Lynx and the Combaticons - start to turn up. After that, it's anyone's guess... Hasbro are playing Combiner Wars as a weird and rather slow game.

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