Sunday, 3 January 2016

Christmas Haul/Experiments in Photography

Since my girlfriend's family got me a couple of new TransFormers for Christmas, I figured I should take the opportunity to snap a couple of shots using another Christmas present: the large and spiffy light tent. I'm thinking that part of the problem I had with my photos of Trypticon were due to the choice of background colour - the blue fabric - even pre-adjusting the camera for the new environment, the colours came out a bit odd and needed some Photoshop work. As an experiment, I've switched to the white background (the other options are black (much the same as the tent's casing, only with a velvety finish) and red, which probably won't be much use for anything.

Bear in mind also that I've used my old, fairly low-res (3.3 megapixel!) camera as I couldn't quickly find my girlfriend's newer, better one. This camera has real trouble in low-light conditions, introducing multi-colour graininess to everything... So if these are the results that camera can manage, I'm feeling very positive about any photos I take with the newer camera. The only downside to that one is that its Macro function isn't anywhere near as good...

The graininess is visible on the darkest areas of these photos of TransFormers Go! Soundwave. Some could probably be cleared up by increasing the contrast of the image in Photoshop, as could the comparative gloominess of the background.

TF Animated Rodimus (Takara Tomy version) certainly seems to be pretty true-colour, which is a huge surprise given how terrible my old camera can be... Definitely looking forward to taking some proper shots with the better camera.

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