Saturday, 13 January 2018


...or, more specifically, an update on my Armada Optimus Prime situation.

Way back in 2013, when I posted about TFCC/Timelines Astrotrain, I tried to get some photos of Astrotrain in his Armada Prime-compatible 'Superpants' mode, only for Optimus to fall off and break. I'd planned to get a replacement at some point, and have spent the intervening time periodically debating whether to get a new, complete (and preferably boxed)  'Super Base' Optimus Prime, or just get a junker of the cab and replace the broken parts of my existing figure.

It's taken me almost five years, but I finally made the choice to spend a mere £15 (including postage) on a mostly complete cab junker, rather than £40-50 on the whole thing, when the trailer/base is currently in perfect working order. After switching a few parts, I'm pleased to report that I now have a fully working, complete cab (the electronics in mine and the junker were fully functional, so that's a bonus).

So... sometime soon, I hope to drag Astrotrain back out of his box for a new photography session, to replace the images currently still hosted by Photobucket and add the Space Pants Optimus Prime images that have thusfar been missing.

...And since I've rediscovered what a fun toy 'Super Base' Optimus Prime actually is, I'm half tempted to get either Armada Overload (or Energon Ultra Magnus) to fill out the cavernous back section and make him look a bit more 'complete' in and of himself. We shall see... I didn't pick up Overload back in the day because it's basically a brick, but stranger things have happened...

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